Best Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Indore For Cars & Bikes

Protect & Preserve Your Car's Body From Daily Abuse

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Best Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Indore

Want to protect your car from daily abuse? Then Bring your car to our studio and get the best self-healing PPF coating in Indore

Protecting the bodywork of your beloved car with Paint Protection Film is a must to do!

The Aegis PPF coating that we use at CarzSpa Indore are made to offer top-notch PROTECTION and DURABILITY for years to come. It safeguards your vehicle from unsightly damage such as stone chips, scrapes, light scuffs etc and helps you keep your car protected and looking new every day.

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Why You Should Invest in Ageis Paint Protection Film (PPF) ?

Its like a scratch guard for your car which provides added protection against harsh environmental elements such as rocks, dirt, and grime

scratch protection

Protection Against Major Scratches

stone chips

Protection From Stone Chips

chemical corrosion protection

Prevention From Chemicals and Corrosion

UV protection

Prevents Paint Discoloration From UV Rays

surface impact

Resistant Against Surface Impact

self healing


stain repellent

Stain Resistant

anti yellow coloring

Anti Yellowing

PPF Coatings We Have Done

Getting the installation done by experts is the key to getting a superior look for your car. At CarzSpa Indore, our trained installers have a sharp eye for perfection and details, to ensure you get the best out of your Aegis PPF.

What Customers Say of Our PPF Coating Work

You can also be one of them to protect your beloved vehicle

Amazing service from carzspa and there whole team for PPF installation on my car. There was a full customisation option available. A complete car solution center.
Akash Verma
Akash Verma
Superb detailing studio with highly trained professionals. My friend got his old Jaguar XF here and they detailed it with PPF, it looks like a very new car now. loved the service & their staff’s knowledge & polite nature.
Nick Zeek 1WD
Nick Zeek 1WD
PPF service taken Got my car's PPF done from Carzspa. And it got a completely new look. They did pretty professional work on the car. And the individuals are top professionals. 100% recommended.
Aquib Javed
Aquib Javed
Had great experience with carzspa indore team. Owner have good knowledge and expertise in their field. Also they have a well trained and skillful team. Coming to their work it was really good. Wishing carzspa indore all the best for their future projects.
Abhimanyu Tandon
Abhimanyu Tandon
Must visit here for your vehicle care, they have done a great work my Ola S1 for PPF of top quality
Himalaya Dave
Aagam Jain
Amazing service, friendly and detailed explanation of car detailing services. A big thank you to Mr. Murtaza and team. Thanks Sandeep bhai and Rohit bhai too.. Keep up the good work cheers!
Girish Chhabria
Girish Chhabria

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PPF coating is a thermoplastic polyurethane film that is used to protect cars from scratches, rock chips, chemicals etc. It’s basically like a screen guard for your car. It’s a light and transparent coat that doesn’t take away the aesthetics of your car. Moreover, it ensures your car’s body is maintained in showroom like condition for years.

It also comes with a soft healing coat, which gives them the unique ability to self-heal, either instantly or when heat is applied. If you’re looking for a trusted studio for PPF coating in Indore, then you should definitely visit our detailing studio in Indore once.

A high-quality PPF (which is applied professionally and maintained regularly) can give you 7-10 years of protection. 

  • In the first 7 days after the PPF installation do not wash or wax your car
  • When cleaning try avoiding any pressure washer. If you’re using a pressure washer keep a good distance of 1ft – 2ft between the film and the washer’s nozzle.
  • Keep the pressure washer away from the edges of the PPF, as it can lift the film
  • To dust or wipe your car, make the car’s surface a little wet to reduce the friction between the cloth and PPF. This prevents swirls and damage to the PPF

Yes, it is definitely worth getting a paint protection film coating on your cars & bikes.

If you have bought a new car or bike, then PPF is a must to do!

Paint protection films are designed to protect the paintwork on your car from fading and oxidation. They also have a number of other benefits, such as protection from hard scratches, rocks, chips, chemicals and many other factors which otherwise would damage your paint.

Also high-quality Paint Protection Films typically last between seven to 10 years, which is much longer than traditional car paint.

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