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ceramic coating on blue i10

Ultimate Gloss on Hyundai i10 After Ceramic Coating Treatment

ceramic coating in indore on blue hyundai i10
ceramic coating in indore on blue hyundai i10

We protected this Hyundai i10 with CrystalShield Ceramic Coating at CarzSpa Indore

Does your car lack shine, its paint has become dull, has minor scratches & swirls marks on paint and has lost its shine?

Then ceramic coating is the solution for your problem to bring back your car to showroom condition (even better than showroom).

Benefits of Ceramic Coating :

  • 10H Pencil Hardness
  • Water and Dirt Repellence
  • High Gloss
  • Permanent Bond with Paint Pores
  • Super Smooth
  • Super Hydrophobicity
  • 7 Years of Protection


We provide the most reliable ceramic coating in Indore for your vehicle and do not like to compromise on the quality.

So bring your beloved vehicle to our detailing studio and we will take care of it like it’s our own.

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