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Getting your car to shine back to its showroom condition and further maintaining it for years is a dream for us. A simple car wash cannot do this for you, you need to get a nano coating done if you want to maintain the gloss and protect your car from daily abuse.

We truly believe that CrystalShield Ceramic Coating for Car that we use at CarzSpa Indore is one of the best in the Indian market. It has been developed especially keeping the Indian climate in mind so that you can get the maximum out of the treatment for your car.

It adds an additional protective layer to your car surface and gives it a shiny, glossy finish even brand-new cars do not have. Not to mention how easy it would be to maintain your car after the treatment.

crystalshield ceramic coatings

What Customers Say of Our Work

You can also be one of them to drive a much shiner car

Very good experience and they completed my harrier car with graphene coating .My car shine increases and glossyness ultimate. Ultimate experience, fastest service
Divyanshu Bende
Divyanshu Bende
Got my Yamaha Aerox Graphene coated by carzspa. Murtaza bhai is extremely professional and helpful. great work done. Extremely happy by team carzspa
Awesome Muzik Time
Awesome Muzik Time
3 year ceramic coating package #Safari 2.0 Very satisfactory service,they are very transparent about product and service. Expert team and owner is very helpful.
Ashutosh Sharma
Ashutosh Sharma
Graphene Ceramic Coating Service It was a nice experience. The detailing done by them is awesome. Feeling extra shiny/glossy. Will recommend everyone to check out carzspa.
Deepak Mishra
Deepak Mishra
Great service. Went for graphene based coating. The outlet kept me in loop at every step and did an extraordinary service. Would definitely recommend.
gagan jodhani
Gagan Jodhani
Crystalshield Graphene Coating Amazing quality & finish. They have a variety of packages for you, pocket friendly Worth it.
Hitesh Garg
Hitesh Garg
Amazing services, good professionalism and keen attention to details, makes them the best in business. I had my five year old creta ceramic coated and they almost gave me back a brand new car
Mansoor abbas
Mansoor Abbas
Amazing service for ceramic coating at Carzspa Indore … loved the professionalism with the work… its my fathers only last gift to me and they have done a great job on it … highly recommend… i took the sapphire package for three years
Ashish sahu
Ashish sahu
Ceramic coating service for three years taken...Wonderful work done, quality work above expectation level...
anjani sharma
Anjani Sharma

Ceramic Coatings We Have Done

Our coatings will protect your car from all the different elements that could ruin your paint job over time and increase its lifetime value. If you’re looking for trusted ceramic coating in Indore then you should visit our car detailing studio.


Why Should You Get Your Car Ceramic Coated?

Since these coatings are a durable and scratch-resistant, it makes sure your car is protected from any kind of external damage

gloss shine

Mirror Like Gloss & Shine

scratch protection

Minimizes hairline scratches upto 60%

stain repellent

Dirt & Mud Repellant

UV protection

Protection Against UV Rays & Color Fading

easy maintainance

Super Easy to Maintain

7 years

7 Years of Protection

Types of Coatings We Provide

10h ceramic coating icon

10H Coating

Looking for a car paint protection that will last for years? Look no further than our 10H coatings! The nanotechnology-based formula makes this product water-resistant and able to protect the car's paint job from scratches, chips and other damage. Plus, it gives your car an amazing shine that will turn heads wherever you go!

9h ceramic coating icon

9H Coating

9H Car Coating features an unequaled Durable performance and High Gloss finishing, this coating is perfect for chemical resistance, scratch resistance, UV resistance, Anti-Grafitti, and thermal resistance. Plus, it offers a mirror-like finish on your car that will make it stand out from the rest.

graphene ceramic coating icon

Graphene Coating

Introducing the most advanced paint protection system - Graphene Coating in India. This breakthrough product from CrystalShield uses Nobel prize-winning graphene to provide unbeatable levels of gloss and protection for your car's paintwork.

Windscreen ceramic coating icon

Windshield & Window Coating

Keep your car's windows clean and streak-free with our Window Coating! This product chemically bonds with the car windshield to provide extremely durable water repellency. Water will blow off car screens at speeds as low as 45 kmph, making it much easier to keep your car's windshield clean from the contaminants.

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Ceramic coating is a surface treatment that is applied on your car’s body to give it an ultimate shine and gloss. It also gives protection from corrosion, minor scratches, UV rays, water contaminants and dirt.

It has been around for about 20 years, but ceramic coating has recently become more popular as people are getting aware of the difference it brings to your car’s looks and also its durability and protection

The application process should be done correctly to get the maximum benefits.

If you’re looking for a trusted studio for ceramic coating in Indore, then you should definitely visit our detailing studio in Indore once.

Absolutely Yes!

Most importantly, it doesn’t have any side effects on your vehicle’s original paint and offers good protection from dirt, scratches, chemical stains UV rays etc.

It also makes cleaning and maintaining your vehicle super easy. Just a simple swipe of cloth can bring back the shine of your car.

The best part is the enhanced looks it gives to your car – After applying the coating, your car will gleam like a mirror.


Ceramic coating will offer anywhere between 2 – 5 years of protection. A 10H coating can easily last 5 years with proper application and regular maintenance.

Yes, you can.

But one thing you need to make sure is You should not wash your car for 7 days after the application

While washing a ceramic coated car it is best to avoid using harsh detergents and cleaning agents that can damage the coating. Instead, use gentle soap and water with a cloth or sponge.

If you are getting your car ceramic coated from CarzSpa Indore, then we would help you as well with the right steps of washing your car.

When ceramic coating wears off you will notice its water bleeding and dirt repellant qualities declining over time. 

Your car would slowly lose its glossy shine and cleaning it would not feel as easy.


Yes you can apply ceramic coating over PPF

If you want ultimate protection for your car’s body and if budget is not an issue, then you can definitely opt for this option

There are a few benefits that ceramic coating brings if applied to PPF Coating :

  1. Makes your car easier to clean  – Ceramic coating can repel any contaminants easily, so cleaning the car becomes alot easier.
  2. Increase the Hydrophobic properties – Water just falls off from a ceramic coated surface, hence eliminating any water spots.
  3. Adds more gloss on PPF – Ceramic coatings are known for adding extra gloss. So applying ceramic coating over PPF will only enhance your car’s appearance.
  4. Increases the life of your PPF – Since PPF’s job is to protect your car’s paint from any external damage. Ceramic coating will help the PPF last much longer.

Other Services

person wiping the car with yellow cloth after car detailing

Interior & Exterior Detailing

To make your car look young for a longer period, you should regularly get your car detailed from the exterior and interior. We offer a wide range of interior & exterior detailing services.

ppf coating on black car

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Bought a new car? Then give it real protection with Paint Protection Film (PPF) against environmental debris and other abrasives.