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Ceramic Coating Vs PPF – Which is Better for You?

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Those who own a car know that driving a shiner, spotless and scratchless car is a pride of all of us.

And nothing beats the feeling of buying your dream car and looking at it shine under the rays of sun. You always want your car should look as beautiful as the day you bought it. Isn’t it?

But sadly that’s not the reality.

Your car has to face the wrath of external elements like stone chips, dust, UV ray, chemicals, and what not.

All of these elements are the culprits for taking away the beauty of your car.

But can we do something about this? Can we protect our car from these external elements and the damage caused by it?

OR, if the damage has already happened. is it possible to restore your car’s shine back to its original?

If you’re finding answers to these questions, then you might have definitely heard about Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film.

But which one should you choose out of the two and which one would be the best choice for your car?

In this battle between PPF vs Ceramic Coating, lets see which one would be the ultimate winner

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What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a very popular automotive paint protection product that consists of nano-ceramic particles. These particles are applied to the surface of your vehicle, which creates a barrier between the paint and environmental elements.

Ceramic coating has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its ability to protect cars from minor scratches, UV rays, chemical contaminants and its hydrophobic properties. 

A ceramic-coated car will add an ultimate glossy finish and your car’s color will not fade as easily. 

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film (PPF) Coating is a thin, clear film that is applied to the surface of a vehicle. The PPF is strong and provides a protective barrier against scratches, swirls marks and chips. PPF is basically like a screen protector you use on your mobile phones but for vehicles. High-quality PPFs in markets have the ability to self heal, either instantly or by applying heat

If you want to keep your car as new as possible for years, then PPF ca be a perfect solution for your needs.


Paint protection film is provides much more protection than ceramic coating when it comes to any direct impact on your car’s body.

Because PPF is more thicker than the paint layer on your vehicle. This ensures maximum protection to your car’s paint

The thickness of Ceramic Coating can be as little as 15 microns, while PPF can range between 30-50 microns. This means that PPF coating will last longer than ceramic and help protect your car from severe damage like scratches, stone chips, chemicals, acids and road erosion.

Some Paint Protection Films also have the ability to self-heal and return to their original form after it is damaged from a scratch, abrasion or indentation. 

On the other hand, nano ceramic coating provides greater protection against UV rays than PPF film because of its ability to repel light off the surface of your vehicle. PPF tends to get yellow or fade when exposed to excessive sunlight.

When it comes to Hydrophobicity, ceramic coating takes the point. As ceramic coating creates a chemical bond with your car’s paint, it creates a permanent layer of protection on your car’s paint making the water roll off your car’s surface.

The hydrophobic property of ceramic coating also makes your car super easy to clean.


Ceramic coating is relatively easier to apply than Paint Protection Film, as its a liquid coating that needs to be applied on the car’s surface. 

On the other hand, PPF coating requires an expert eye and precision. PPF is a thin layer that needs cutting according to the shape of your car’s body and then applied using a squeegee to remove air bubbles. Improper application can lift or peel the film from the edges.

Thus it’s absolutely important to get PPF coating done from a trusted detailing studio.


Ceramic coatings are easier to maintain than PPF.

Maintaining a car that is ceramic coated is much easy as it repels mud, dirt, and grime effectively. A squeak of cloth can do a decent job in cleaning your car.

PPF on the flip side requires much more care and maintenance because it’s a kind of transparent wrap on your car which requires regular maintenance, or else the contaminants may build up on the surface which doesn’t go off with a regular wash.


PPF wins here.

A high-quality PPF will offer 7-10 years of protection if it’s maintained regularly (Also make sure you get the PPF coating done from an expert car detailing studio, because if it’s installed by an inexperienced detailer, the PPF will not last for the said time)

On the other hand, Ceramic coating will offer around 3 – 5 years of protection. A high grade coating like 10H Ceramic Coating can last easily for 5 years if its maintained properly with high quality car shampoos.


Paint Protection Films are more expensive than Ceramic Coating.

The cost of Nano Ceramic coating and PPF mainly depends on the condition and size of your car.

Usually, Ceramic Coatings cost between Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000, depending on the grade and durability of the coating you choose.

The cost of PPFs range from Rs 75,000 up to Rs 2,00,000 depending on the quality of the PPF you choose and areas you want to cover of your car.


Here Ceramic coating takes the point.

Ceramic coating adds a beautiful shine and gloss to your vehicle’s body (better than the showroom). It literally makes your car’s surface like a mirror.

Although, some PPFs like Aegis SPX come with a Gloss Enhancing Top Coat, nothing can beat the shine of ceramic coating


PPF is the most durable option and also the most expensive. If you’re looking to protect your new car with something that will last for years, Paint Protection Film is your best bet. 

Ceramic coating is a good option if cost is an issue. It’s cheaper than PPF coating, but not as durable—it’ll eventually wear off over time and need replacing. However, if you want an immediate fix without spending too much money on a full restoration job, this might be where you want to start!

On top of that, ceramic coating is easier to maintain than PPF because you don’t have to put much efforts into cleaning or waxing it.

Ceramic Coating VS PPF: The Final Verdict

So how do we conclude which is better in this Ceramic Coating VS Paint Protection Film comparison?

We’ve concluded the verdict into 3 parts:

1. Protection – If protection is your top priority and especially if you bought a new car, then PPF is your best choice. As it makes sure your car stays new for years to come.

Also if you are a frequent traveler and will use your car for long highway trips (and for some offroad fun) then also you should opt for a PPF over ceramic coating. The reason being PPF will make sure to protect your car’s paint from being damaged by rock chips, stones, dirt, and other debris

2. Looks – If your car has been with you for a few years and you want to enhance your car’s look, then you can go with ceramic coating. Also if you have bought a 2nd hand car or you change your car frequently, then also ceramic coating can be your best choice

3. Budget – If budget is an issue, then you should choose ceramic coating. Also if you are not planning to keep your car for very long then the cost of ceramic coating would be more justified. But if you spend lakhs of rupees on buying your dream car, then PPF should be your choice.

Best of Both Worlds

If you want the protection of a PPF and want to enjoy the looks of ceramic coating. then you can opt for Ceramic + PPF package.

You can do PPF on areas that are more prone to damage or scratches like Bumpers, Headlights and Tail Lights., and Door edges.

And the rest of your car can be protected with ceramic coating.

Getting Ceramic Coating Over PPF (if budget is not an issue)

If budget is not an issue and you’re still not clear which one is the best for you, why not combine both?

Yes, ceramic coating over PPF is possible if you want tough paint protection but also enhanced looks.

It would surely be more expensive. But let’s be honest, if you own a luxury car and you want maximum protection and looks then we feel its a worth investment

Murtaza Motagamwala

Murtaza Motagamwala

Murtaza Motagamwala is a certified auto detailer and an expert in the car detailing field. He is the franchise owner of CarzSpa Indore.Murtaza loves spending time with his customers and helping them as they navigate through the confusing detailing scenes.He ensures his knowledge and the brand's excellent services are used to help every customer that passes through his store.

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