Ceramic Coating for Cars Explained: Its Benefits & Disadvantages

Let’s cut to the chase, Who wouldn’t want their car to look showroom fresh?

Remember the day you bought your car right off the showroom floor. Its shine, its gloss, the smooth surface. But the reality is once your car faces years of wear and tear it loses its beauty. That’s where Ceramic Coating come into play. 

Ceramic coating brings back that shine and gloss of your car and gives it an extra protection layer as well, so that the shine is maintained for a longer period

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What is Ceramic Coating for Cars?

True Ceramic Coatings are long-term exterior automotive coatings that are treated and protected in liquid form and form a hard layer on top of the coating. Basically, it is a clear liquid polymer that bonds with the actual factory paint at a molecular level, adding an extra layer of protection, shine and gloss.

And thanks to its hydrophobic properties, it’s much easier to wash and clean your car as it forms water beads that simply slide down the surface.

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What Is a Ceramic Coating Made of?

Ceramic coatings usually consist of silicon dioxide (silicon dioxide, SiO2), which is derived from natural materials such as quartz and sand. Certain types and brands also use titanium dioxide (titanium dioxide, TiO2) as an additional hardener.

When applied to automotive coatings, the two create chemical bonds with hydrophobic, aka water repellent, properties.

What Is the Purpose of Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings protect your car’s paint from blemishes and damage while keeping it cleaner.  It also helps to add a mirror-like finish and shine to your car’s surface.

After application, it also shields the car from harmful UV rays. Ceramic coating create an intense water beading and grime and give the car an extremely glossy sheen.

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Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Cars

1. Protection from UV damage/oxidation

If a vehicle is exposed to the sun regularly, its paint will begin to oxidize/age, causing the paint to tarnish and fade. A ceramic coating protects the vehicle’s paint from the sun’s UV rays, reducing oxidation levels and maintaining a long-lasting shine.

2. Chemical contamination and corrosion protection

Another danger of car paint is naturally acidic contaminants. By creating a chemically resistant surface, ceramic coatings prevent some contaminants from adhering to the vehicle’s paint. Your vehicle paint will last longer if contaminants are removed promptly.

3. Car becomes easy-to-clean

Ceramic coating is hydrophobic and has water repellent properties. The hydrophobicity of ceramic coating allows rainwater to bead up on the car’s surface, rather than a film clinging to the body. This means that mud and grime won’t stick to your car’s paint. When you wash your car, contaminants can be removed very easily.

4. Enhanced Gloss

If you want your car paint to be more glossy, a ceramic coating can make it happen. A good ceramic coating enhances the reflective properties of automotive paints and clear coats, adding depth and clarity to the paint. A good ceramic coating makes a car paint look even better than a new car. The ceramic coating will thus keep your car looking new for a long time, increasing its resale value.

Car ceramic coatings can provide long-term protection to the car’s topcoat from environmental hazards and make the car easier to clean. So, what exactly is automotive ceramic coating? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What kind of ceramic coating is best for your vehicle

5. Protection from Minor Scratches

Ceramic coating can protect your car’s paint from minor or light scratches caused from daily use.


What Ceramic Coating Can't Do For Your Car?

As mentioned above, ceramic coatings can protect car paint and reduce ongoing maintenance. If you choose to use a ceramic coating, you will also add to the value of the car.

However, ceramic coatings are not a miracle super product that will solve all of your car paint problems. Therefore, it is also important for you to understand what ceramic coatings cannot do.

1. Eliminate scratches, prevent road gravel from damaging paint

The scratch resistance of ceramic coatings is often exaggerated. While ceramic coatings can prevent some small scratches, they are not completely resistant to damage to the paint from gravel or parking lot scratches.

Also, improper car wash techniques or automatic car washes can still create swirl marks on the painted surface. Importantly, a ceramic coating won’t prevent severe scratches, nor the swirl marks that can result from an improper car wash.

2. No water stains left

Normal water droplets contain some amount of dirt or minerals. When water evaporates on the surface of the vehicle, minerals are left behind, creating visible specks.

Consumers may think that the hydrophobic nature of the ceramic coating will eliminate water spots because the surface of the ceramic coating is water-repellent. Yes, some water droplets will slide off the surface of the car, but some water droplets will remain on the surface of the car and evaporate and leave water spots.

3. No Car Wash is Needed

As mentioned above, ceramic coatings can make your car look like new with relatively minimal maintenance, rather than requiring no maintenance. If you drive your car on the road, it’s bound to get dirty, and even with a ceramic coating, you still need to wash your car regularly to keep it looking clean. The benefit of ceramic coating is that the cleaning process will be easier. Plus, using a ceramic coating means you no longer need to wax your vehicle every few months, reducing maintenance.

Ceramic coating won’t make your vehicle maintenance-free, but it does drastically reduce maintenance and maintain better results.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth for Your Car?

The short answer is Yes, ceramic coating is worth for what you pay. Ceramic coating will add benefit your car and add value to it in the long run. 

But is Ceramic Coating a miracle product, a one-stop solution for all vehicle exterior problems? of course not!. There is no perfect solution for any problems, same is the case for paint protection. If protection of your car’s paint is your top priority then Paint Protection Film is your best choice.

For best protection, apply a paint protection film to the most vulnerable parts of the car like Bumpers, Headlights and Tail Lights., and Door edges and apply ceramic coating to the rest of the car.

We’ve already covered difference between ceramic coating and PPF coating in detail in this blog – Ceramic Coating Vs PPF Coating and which one should you choose.

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