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Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Car’s Paint

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Why Should You Bother Protecting Your Car's Paint?

Paint is one of the most important components of a car. Like people judge an individual by their shoes, the same way people will judge how you take care of your car by looking at its paint. It’s what makes the car look good

When you take care of your paint, you’re taking care of your car. Not only will it look better over time, but it will increase the overall resale value of your car. Paint can be damaged by things like rain, sun exposure, and scratches.

If these things happen to your car’s paintwork, they can lead to fading and peeling. This can make your car look old and tired, and take away the excitement of driving the car

Protecting your car’s paint is worth the time and investment in the long term.

In this blog we have listed down some cheap and free methods to protect your car’s paint and also some methods like Ceramic Coating or PPF Coating which requires decent investment, but will last for long term and protect your car’s paint for years

Here are 5 ways you can protect your car’s paint for long time

1. Protect Your Car Paint From the Sun

Tip 1  The first and the most obvious method is to keep your car away from direct sunlight when it’s parked. If you have no space to keep your car away from the sun, make sure to purchase a high-quality car cover.

But you won’t just keep your car parked right? You will have to drive your car into the sun while going to office or a trip.

Tip 2 – So, the second tip is to wash your car regularly as it would reduce the heat and oxidation of the sun.

If you want to go a step further in protecting your car the 3rd can be useful

Tip 3 – You can put a coat of high-quality wax on it to make it less vulnerable to heat. If you have a car with a painted finish, use a wax sealant and a wax spray on it to protect it from the heat. These waxes have been specially formulated to protect your car’s paint from the sun

So the above mentioned steps are short term prevention and need to be done regularly. But the final one is a long-term solution to protect your car’s paint (for around 5 – 7 years).

Tip 4  Ceramic Coating that embeds Nano particles on the surface of your factory paint. These Nano ceramic particles have properties to repel light and thus protect your paint from UV rays.

2. Protect Your Car Paint From Rain

Tip 1 Again, the most obvious thing is to get a waterproof rain cover if your car doesn’t have any shade.

Tip 2 – Rain and your car’s exterior paint don’t get along very well. Overtime it rainwater will erode your paint if nothing is done. The best thing to do after rain is to get your car cleaned and waxed. Cleaning and Waxing will make sure to maintain the integrity of your car’s paint

Tip 3 – Getting a Ceramic Coating on your car is the best way to go since one of the advantages of ceramic coating is that it has hydrophobic properties. It will make sure no water is accumulated on your car’s surface. Moreover, these coating will also make the job of cleaning the dirt and mud on your car after driving your car on the muddy roads.

3. Protect Your Car's Paint When You're on Long Trips

Tip 1 – When you’re going on a long trip, make sure to pack a bottle of water and a cloth to clean your car’s paint. When cleaning the car, make sure to get off any dust or debris that might have accumulated on the paint with a damp cloth.

Tip 2 – Scratches, rock chips, dirt are common things that will damage your paint while on a road trip. The best way to protect your car’s paint from all of these is to get a Paint Protection Film (PPF). PPF’s are designed to keep your car protected from these damages

4. Protect Your Car's Paint When You're Cleaning Your Car

Tip 1 – There is no right or wrong way to clean your car. However, to protect the paint, try using a spray wax or a polish that has a sealant in it. You can also wax your car after each time you wash it. Do not use harsh or cheap chemicals or abrasives

Tip 2 – To protect the paint of your car, use a microfiber towel and do not use a bulky rag or towel.

Tip 3 – Another way to protect your car paint when you’re cleaning your car is to use a clay bar. Clay bars are made of abrasive particles that remove dirt, dust, and wax from the surface of your car.

5. Protect Your Car's Paint with a Coating

If you want your car’s paint to be as new as the day you bought it Ceramic Coating or PPF Coating is the best option for you.

We have already compared Ceramic Coating and PPF Coating and which one should you choose. So do check that out.

Getting a ceramic coating of PPF coating done from a trusted and expert car detailing studio is very crucial to get the maximum benefits out of it.

The tips we provided in this blog were aimed to help you protect your car while in the long run. There are many things that you can do to ensure your paint is protected for long term. These things may seem like small things to you, but they are actually quite important.

If your car’s paint is getting dull and you want to bring the shine and gloss back then bring your car to us at and we will make your car brand new again.